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Pandemic Immunity and Successful Prayer


Basically there are three familiar forms of prayer. These are:

Conscious directional prayer

Conscious awareness prayer

Unconscious awareness prayer

Later in the article, I will expand upon what many refer to as, ‘Supreme Prayer’.

But first the basics.

As the saying goes: ‘life is a prayer’. Put another way: what we consciously dwell upon grows, or, where thought goes, energy flows.

Against this background – of life is a prayer — let us contextualize these three terms by setting out their ways of personal usage and their relationship to viral immunity and our general health well-being.

Conscious directional prayer means giving conscious direction to the creative mechanism within — the 12 spiritual aspects or faculties of the human soul — for a particular intentional outcome: Of focusing the mind with heightened love feelings, fully and singularly, on a specific visualized image, then releasing this imagined intention — as if already accomplished — to the Universal life force within our own consciousness for manifestation.

Conscious awareness prayer is deliberately watching the emotive nature of all thoughts entering the mind – thereby entering the cellular body – observing if their nature and urgings are to specific activity. Observing if this urge activity is congruent with our soul’s desire for higher spiritual evolution, or is such thought propelling downwards into lower nature activity and decaying of our cellular well-being. Spotting the difference is vital to our long-term physical and spiritual health, particularly the immune system regards coronavirus. Thus, our every conscious moment represents potential for either soul-serving or non-soul serving purposes.

Unconscious prayer — is unwitting adherence to subconscious thought patterns and their associated emotional nature which propell our every action automatically — where control of will is lost to compulsive desiring, to surge-crave conditioning. Or, listening intensely to repetitive media negativity through heightened emotional awareness — particularly COVID content, or others’ added-to version of this. Or, attuned to regular background advertisements with a catch-phrase jingle. Unconscious participation amounts to further conditioning for future unwitting action. In other words, corporate advertising – to include subtle propaganda — is designed solely to program the listener to behave and react in a certain way. Achieving this outcome — in one’s deeper mind — being the sole objective.

Similarly, and often referred to as white knuckle praying — where the emotion of stress and fear is dominant – sadly the petitioner is unconsciously praying for more stress or fear. Where the emotion, rather than the words, is accepted as the prayer, thus ‘granted’.

As we can gather from these three forms of prayer, the first two would be acknowledged as successful prayer, while the other, non-successful, thus toxic to our spiritual and mental well-being.

Acknowledging Personal Prayer

With the mind’s unrelenting exposure to electronic subliminal messaging, sadly the natural orientation of the deeper mind to the successful or positive prayer mode, is gradually becoming numbed, unrecognizable, replaced instead with instant artificiality.

People seem no longer communicating authentically, or prayerfully. Instead, mimicking life robotically — electronically nuanced — without involvement of their higher emotive love nature.

I’ve often wondered, how many times do we actually acknowledge life’s situational outcomes as previously installed prayer — by either ourselves or others. Deep down we must realize that life’s personal and global events don’t just happen randomly through some anonymous entity? The truth is, we create our own reality. If not, then others will create one for us.

In this context, strict attention to what the mind is thinking and repeatedly absorbing and entertaining itself on (be it negative or positive) is vital for development of authentic reality, or successful prayer mode, thereby successful living.

Without this approach, we’re as a cork being tossed around on the ocean of life by whichever way the wind is blowing.

The reality is, everything that is happening in our personal world is answered prayer.

With this in mind, it’s essential that we see ALL our day’s activity as either answered prayer or prayer in process of manifestation. Thereby do we activate awareness to all subtle unsolicited messaging bombarding our soul’s sovereignty of free-will and self-independence.

As all energised thought becomes materialized in some form, such can be used for or against ourselves — to boost mental health and wellbeing or the reverse. Thus a happy healthy positive mind — in harmony with the universal life force within — produces a happy healthy body and immune system, through which the life force can reflect in all its divine magnificence and brilliance.

This begs the question: are some people – including world ‘leaders’ — repeatedly praying negatively, albeit unwittingly maybe? In other words, notwithstanding the abundance of sincere spiritual loving souls in the world, alas, through ignorance of the mind’s ability to manifest emotionalized thought into reality as physical matter, both within and without, many, through non-awareness — deliberate or otherwise — can still be praying against themselves, against society and their country, unconsciously.

Preparing in Advance

A good formula for defusing unconscious reactive patterns – especially hot anger and its potential to weaken the immune system — is to compile a ready-to-go menu of positive word-feeling triggers, like: blue sky, blissful moment, happiness, joyous feeling, pure love, harmony, contentment, and repeat one or all of these rapidly the moment we feel an anger surge welling up inside. Such is how we can remain ‘cool’ throughout the day, knowing that we can call upon these words and allow habitual anger to neutralize through focused awareness on the word(s).

By holding the anger in the tummy area, without reacting on its surge content, we begin to experience the emotion transmuting into bliss, thereby witnessing our inner spiritual power and strength.

Advance preparation like this emboldens the nervous and immune system to their prime capacity of consistency. Pre-emptive awareness alerts the conceiving aspect of the brain to our intentional prayer mode, thus denying subconscious conditioning taking control of our daily life — thus deepening conscious connection with the all-powerful present moment. Holding the anger emotion in the tummy facilitates integration of subconscious reactive thought content, vital for neutralizing compulsive overreaction in potential conflict situations. It also charges the consciousness of super spiritual awareness,

Ritualistic Prayer

Previous to taking up daily meditation practise, the term ‘prayer’ for me was reserved strictly for religious ceremonies: a ritualistic penitence consisting of formal words for recitation after the confessional.

Matured out of these religious indoctrinations –and associated belief systems — I’ve come to interpret prayer as a process of inner awakening to direct Higher Self experience and its expression through the physiology; a means of establishing eternal live standard as our permanent state of Being thereby living life prayerfully in higher states of creative consciousness.

To this outcome, I see meditation as yet another form of prayer (particularly daily transcendence during this pandemic period for raising the level of antibodies thereby boosting the immune system) as the perfect prayer conduit to fulfilling conscious connectivity with the Creator, with eternality: of gaining direct alignment with the evolutionary processes within consciousness for our soul’s highest good, and the good of others and the entire creation.

Why the importance of specific prayer regards the Pandemic?

Specific prayer is necessary — or even vital — for it presents opportunity for the soul to express its accumulated faith-evolution thus far. It specifically allows for active faith-consciousness to further blossom and flourish as our permanent state of disease-free consciousness.

Through specific faith-filled prayer, others instinctively replicate ‘our’ act of faith at some point, and we theirs – a global community of mutual faith-health explorers, if you will. Active faith develops that beautiful sense of ‘happiness expectancy consciousness’ — another term for faith consciousness – which, when developed means YOU become the need of Nature rather than the reverse which pertained before spiritual awakening.

Thus, our higher spiritual faith-consciousness forms the portal through which Nature creates a particular need-seed within our individual mind, thus using our spiritual consciousness as the incubation vessel.

Faith essentially is concentrated happiness or bliss: the soul’s means of surfing God-consciousness in total assurance. Faith is our means to dream and live beyond limiting belief systems and false doctrines. Faith, when active, is union with our Higher-Self that we may fulfil the soul’s potential as co-creators with God experientially.

Specific intentional prayer thus is not totally about seeing if our particular words will be successful or not. Rather, faith practise is about letting go of ‘our’ human effort for to witness and experience divine standard directly.

It’s estimated the average person thinks about 30-40 thoughts per minute of which 80% are negative and 95% repetitive.

In this context, as all repetitive thoughts eventually become manifest either within ourselves or environmentally, the need of developing and harnessing faith-infused thought for creative utilization globally, becomes the imperative.

Recapturing Independent Thinking and spiritual evaluation

Our higher soul naturally seeks freedom from all ‘cling-on’ material, thereby advancement in spiritual awareness and natural healing from within. Conversely, constant exposure to negative media coverage contradicts — by smothering — our natural sense of independent thinking and capacity for spiritual evaluation.

Unguarded awareness amounts to surrender of one’s independent thinking status: where constant absorption of anti-spiritual sentiment downgrades the soul’s Miraculous ability of establishing natural viral immunity, healing and optimal health preservation by inner means. Guarding against unsolicited content, claiming ‘concern for our overall well-being’, becomes vital for protecting one’s mental-spiritual soil against non-soul serving weed seeds.

Supreme Prayer and Meditational Silence

Finally, let us touch upon what many call ‘Supreme Prayer’.

Supreme Prayer in essence is transcendental bliss silence. A state of ecstasy – achieved in meditation — which transmutes fear into faith by dissolving and eliminating poisonous stress at the deeper cellular level, to include integration of negative subconscious thought patterns. Thus ensure production of mature antibodies — our defence against foreign substances known as antigens — into the bloodstream.

in conjunction with the earlier mentioned ‘conscious directional prayer and conscious awareness, this seated meditation is practised using a mantra, such as Aum or Omm. When the individual mind transcends to become Pure Existence, the state of disease-free consciousness.

Post meditation, we become as channels for the flow of universal life force: a vessel of divine consciousness for benefiting the world.

Thus, no matter our creed, ethnic culture or social status, every soul’s meditational silence pays a gigantic spiritual dividend unto ourselves, others and the universe. Meditational hearts see all as One — Unity in diversity. Transcendental consciousness is where our life is automatically in accordance with the laws of nature, representative of successful prayer living.

Transcendental consciousness is our spiritual means of creating COVID immunity, of defeating this pandemic naturally.


Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan