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The Adaptability of the Bernese Mountain Dog Breed


One question a potential Bernese Mountain dog owner may be asking themselves is, “how adaptable is the dog?” There are different answers one will get from different people, the truth is the Bernese Mountain dog very easily adapts to any type of environment, many become strongly bonded to their families within the first year of life. If you purchase a Bernese dog after the age of one year old, the dog may have attachment issues and problems adapting to a new environment.

It is common that a younger Bernese Mountain dog will be more readily adaptable than an older one. This is due to the fact that a younger dog gets used to a routine and is quick to learn commands and knows how to act appropriately. An older Bernese has already adapted to another family’s routines and preferences, but with a little training and patience the dog can become a gentle, protective companion. The older Bernese will need time to bond with the new family before it will comfortably settle into a new routine and surroundings.

If you are buying a Bernese from a breeder, remember the puppy will need loving discipline and gentle guidance, laying down early ground rules will eliminate the chance for any problems. The dog prefers the indoor life and it is not a good idea to try to move the dog into an outdoor living space, however, with a long, thick, heavy coat of fur the Bernese can adapt to outdoor life with relative ease. If you do decide to make the dog an outdoor living space it is important to note, you could end up with a dog that constantly barks, displays aggressiveness and is overly hyperactive.

The breed is highly energetic and when left to its own devices, the Bernese can grow frustrated and become bored. The dog may become destructive and uncontrollable, and with a dog of this size it is something that should be kept in mind. This makes the behavior of a Bernese easier to predict and temper when the dog is allowed to live indoors with the family, just be sure to train them from a very young age and the problems should be limited to a minimum. It’s also best to setup a daily exercise regiment for your Bernese. A good 20-30 minutes of running or walking will burn all of that excess energy, build muscle and help your Mountain Dog to be more relaxed around the house. Burning all of the excess energy will dramatically reduce the amount of bad chewing, Ie. chewing on furniture, shoes etc.

When moving from one house to another, the Bernese will still prove itself to be an adaptable dog. So long as the dog has its family, it will be more than happy in most any type of situation. You can take the dog traveling and train them to do almost any type of trick. Remember the dog needs attention and praise, in certain situations that are unfamiliar, the Bernese just like any other dog breed needs time to adjust.


Source by John P Jackson