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Top Medium Sized Dog Breeds in The World


When it gets to selecting a dog breed, size does matter. If you are searching for a dog that is neither big nor small, just wait and go through the following information to have a better idea. While a dog in any size does work for you, a lot of prospective owners of the pet feel like the storybook Goldilocks checking out the “just right”, “too cold” and “too hot” porridges. When trying to make a decision on the best dog for you, size really matters and there is nothing wrong with taking the “somewhere in between” approach by selecting a dog that is neither large nor small. In fact, there are some really excellent dogs out there that are sized ideally to fit the bill! We have compiled a list of the top Medium Sized Dog Breeds that can surely play a huge role in your life.

Border Collie

This amazingly intelligent pooch is one of the most athletic, fastest dog breeds in the world. He is great with children, makes an awesome running boy and his instincts for herding mean he is known to keep the cat in check. He stands up to 22 inches at the shoulder and his weight is no more than 45 pounds.

English Springer Spaniel

Amazing things come in packages of medium dog breeds in size and this really friendly dog is no exception. The English Springer Spaniel is typically utilized for hunting game bird. He is willing, agile, obedient and a fast little learner. This breed is also great with children and makes one of the super companion dogs. Dripping wet, his weight is about 50 pounds and stands up to 19 inches tall.


One of the most relaxed dog breeds around, this joyful little breed is always delighted to share his thoughts on the world and is well-known for having a fairly strong bark and bay. The breed is an amazing family dog with sweet, engaging brown eyes. For such a vocal dog, his weight typically under 25 pounds and stands up to 15 inches tall.

Portuguese Water Dog

This playful dog breed is medium in size and obtained superstar status when he a few years back became the official First Dog of the White House. The breed loves water and he was even bred to keep sailors company when were at sea. Portuguese water dog lands on the bigger side of “medium” around 60 pounds with 23 inches height.

Cocker Spaniel

With big soulful eyes, this sweet little darling is a wonderful companion dog. Like most dogs, he was initially developed for hunting and particularly for flushing out birds. Today, this affectionate Cocker Spaniel dog breed settles comfortably in any family unit. His weight is in well under 30 pounds and a height of about 15 inches.


This sturdy little beauty with the iconic under-bite is one of the most visually high-spirited of the medium dogs in size. In spite of his intensity, he is actually with a jowly look a quite loyal companion breed that loves nothing better than to remain with you on the sofa. Bulldog has 15-inch height and weight up to 45 pounds.


This dog breed is one of the most intelligent pooches around and fairly easy to train. His gentle nature belies the reality that he was bred for hunting and retrieving water fowl as well. This beauty is affectionate and friendly with children and other animals. Poodle’s weight is about 60 pounds and height is 27 inches.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Despite his silly, playful nature this smart dog breed possesses keen-to-please personality which makes him easier to train than most other terriers. In spite of his somewhat crazed look, his super soft and curly coat does not shed a lot which makes him ideal for people with allergies. His weight is no more than 45 pounds and stands about 20 inches tall.

Standard Schnauzer

He is a distinctive dog and he is also intelligent, handsome, dedicated to his family and like the Wheaten and Poodle, is a low shedder. This affectionate little dog belongs to a working class breed that was utilized for tracking, retrieving and herding on water and land. No wonder Standard Schnauzer is kept in shape all these years, his weight is just about 45 pounds and his height 20 inch.


While this agile pooch can reach speeds of up to 35 mph, he is brilliant with just running after the balls, catching Frisbees or even working as a therapy dog breed. Whippet is friendly, loving and a big fan of sitting on the sofa with his bestie. His weight around 40 pounds on his height 22 inches.


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