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Weimaraner Personality – The Human Like Dog Breed


Very intelligent and sensitive these dogs crave companionship. They are at their happiest when amongst humans and a member of the family. Many pet owners do mention that they’re just like humans in the way they think about problems. So like humans they need plenty of companionship and exercise.

The breed can be described as a medium to large sized bird dog with a muscular body, deep chest, and a long neck with a slightly pointed face. Its long ears rest folded and hang close to the head.

A Weimaraner has only two color alleles and in order to make a Blue Weimaraner, at least one allele should be blue. If a Weimaraner has inherited a blue allele, then it will be blue.

Training of a Weimaraner should start as soon as the dog is brought home to enforce the house/family rules and these should be kept strict so the dog understands what is allowed and what is not.

Owners need patience, as this breed is particularly energetic and difficult to control during the first year and a half of its life. Like many breeds, untrained and unconfined young dogs often create their own diversions when left alone, such as chewing house quarters and furniture.

Historically, ownership of these alluring gray dogs was carefully guarded and breeding was strictly controlled by the nobles, and later by The Weimaraner Club of Germany. In fact ownership of the Weimaraner was carefully restricted for decades and only members of the upper class German Weimaraner Club were allowed to own the breed. Given this exclusive ownership, almost all of these dogs lived indoors and where highly pampered, leading to the strong attachment to family life which continues to this day.

A Weim (as they are affectionately known) is not for a person or family that works all day or who doesn’t have a lot of time to devote to the dog. Their energy level is very high. A Weim is a lot of dog and obedience training is a must. In obedience training, you will learn that to heel is a very specific position for your dog, and you will need to use it a lot when out with them.

Nevertheless, Weims are a very special breed of dogs and most fall in love with them because they have such human characteristics. But, please be sure to research the breed before purchasing, and be careful to make sure a Weim is right for you. Weims have to be tolerated as world-class house un-decorators and de-landscapers. They can be like having and extra child!

They have lots of energy, as they were bred originally to hunt all day with their master. Changing this behavior changes that essential Weim requirement at your peril, so make sure you exercise you Weim continually.

Weimaraners are often kind to children, but like any dog are not recommend for very young ones because they can be boisterous enough to accidentally knock a child down.

This breed likes to bark as well!

But, most will love their dependence on human companionship which is exceptionally strong among these dogs, and the fact that they will give so much unconditional love and affection for the family.


Source by Steve Last