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Cleaning a Soft Dog Crate


If you have a soft dog crate that your pooch uses with any frequency, then eventually it is going to need some cleaning. Soft dog crates can be something of a hassle to clean, because it can be difficult to access the insides of them without actually crawling inside. This article will attempt to provide a few tips on keeping your dog’s soft crate clean with as little hassle or stress as possible.

Firstly, it is vital to realize that if your dog uses its crate often, then you are going to have to clean it often. Every time your pup has an accident inside its soft crate, it is necessary for its health that you remove your dog from the crate, and clean out the mess.

For potty accidents, simply remove or absorb as much of the material as possible from the inside of the soft dog crate. Then apply an animal-safe cleansing solution, such as Nature’s Miracle, to the location and allow it to disinfect the area. Then fully wipe away the cleaning solution.

For routine cleaning, first be sure your dog is out of the crate! Then, remove all of your pup’s toys and blankets. Wash the toys and blankets in a washing machine, if possible. Then, for the soft crate itself, use a wash cloth and a gentle, non-toxic cleaning solution. Wipe down all of the floors, side walls, and roof of the crate. Be sure not to leave behind any cleaning solution residue before you return your pooch back to its crate.

As always, the more often you clean your pup’s soft crate the easier the occasion will be. Just set aside a little time, and have some patience, and the cleaning process won’t be nearly as bad as some people fear it will.


Source by Andrew Massaro