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Dog Knotting – The True Definition


A dog knot can mean very many different things. Some of them rather perverse, others more useful. This article is specifically about the true definition of a canine dog knot or dog knotting and what exactly it is.

When a female dog is in heat, and a male dog is in her vicinity, the two will breed. Usually the positioning is that the male mounts from behind. The female moves her tail to the side if she is ready. The male’s penis penetrates the vagina and the bulbous glandis (erectile tissue part of the penis that is at base of the shaft) expands causing the two dogs to lock together. The standard term for this process is that the two dogs are “tied” together. It is also referred to as a “dog knot” or “dog knotting.” After he has ejaculated, he dismounts but the two dogs are back to back, still connected by the male’s penis. This “deflation period” can last up to 30 minutes. The two dogs are almost impossible to separate during the dog knot. This is the process that the breeder has to be patient with.

It is important for the breeder to make sure that the situation is calm. You don’t want the female to get excited and roll around or pull the male, or vice versa. This could result in a breeding failure. One old-school, substandard, unguaranteeable practice for impatient breeders was to ice the dogs’ genital areas to get them apart.

After the tie (or dog knotting), inspect the male and make sure that his penis has retracted properly, and isn’t stuck in his hair. For the female, it is good to hinder her for urinating for several minutes in hopes that the sperm will be able to penetrate her eggs.

While it is totally logical and natural, there has been a lot of scrutiny on the dog breeding process and dog knotting in particular. In the simplest terms a “dog knot” refers to two dogs mating, and the processes involved. This is also a term known as “being tied.” There are many definitions (including a rather valid use by engineers) for the term but the true meaning behind it all has to do with the way dogs breed.


Source by Peter Demmon