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Do’s and Don’t’s for Post Heart Attack

Week 1 (after Discharge from hospital) –

· One needs to stay indoors and not indulge in too many activities that may require vigour and energy. Stairs could be avoided and if necessary, be climbed with plenty of breaks but not more than two floors should be mounted. At any point of time, if symptoms similar to those before the heart attack are experienced, then one needs to completely cease the activity and consult the doctor before placing half a tablet of sorbitrate 5mg under the tongue (especially if there is heaviness of chest).

· A daily bath can be taken but extremely hot water should be avoided even in winters.

· Daily household activity is allowed but one must not carry heavy weights.

· Plenty of rest is recommended; one can read books, watch TV, chat with friends and family members.

· Meals should be small in portion and taken at frequent intervals. Walking immediately after meals is not recommended. Also, straining at the time of defecation is best avoided.

Week 2

One can start venturing out of the house, take short walks in the garden or out on the streets, do some cooking and other light household work.

Week 3 & 4

· Daily walks can now be taken, starting with half mile walks which could stretch to two miles over the next fortnight.

· Driving is not yet recommended.

· One can join office if no disturbing symptoms persist.

· A TMT (Street test) is advised for the next plan of action. A negative TMT test result indicated that there is no need for Angiography.

Week 5

Usually full activity can be resumed as per your body’s ability to adept without excessive strain or breathlessness.

Other Activities

Sexual Intercourse

After four weeks, one can resume sexual activity. In case this brings on chest pain or breathlessness, one should consult the doctor.

Driving & Travel

One can drive after four weeks. However, air travel can only be considered safe after six weeks.

Worrying Symptoms

One should watch out for the following symptoms to take immediate action:-

Heaviness in chest, pain similar to a heart attack – especially one brought on through minimal exertion or causing discomfort in the middle of the night, gas, upward wind, unusual sweating or rapid thumping of the chest.

In case any of the above symptoms occur, consult the doctor immediately. Some remedial measures that one can take at home would include putting a half tablet of sorbitrate 5mg or Angised tablet or GTN puff under the tongue. The same exercise can be repeated after a gap of 5 minutes or so. If there is shortness of breath, one needs to take a tablet of Lasix SOS.

Source by Dr Prakash Kumar Hazra