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Dr Dwight Lundell MD – What is Dr Lundell’s Approach to Heart Health?


Dr. Dwight Lundell MD is a reputed and respected cardiovascular surgeon whose name has a place of honour on the ‘Beating Heart Hall of Fame’ and also figures on the ‘Phoenix Top 10 Doctors’ list, which says enough about his qualification and expertise.

Dr. Lundell has more than twenty-five years of practice and experience behind him and based on this wealth of knowledge he is convinced that it is inflammation and not cholesterol that is the main culprit behind all types of heart ailments.

Like all pioneers, initially Dr. Lundell had his share of criticism and problems when he brought out his book where he emphatically states that cholesterol might be the least of a heart patient’s worries.

Any deviation from the accepted or perceived truth always results in swimming against the current, but nevertheless, Dr. Lundell maintained that his experience and live research clearly indicated that if there is something to fear when you have heart problems it is not so much cholesterol, but inflammation.

Is Dr. Dwight Lundell’s approach to heart health justified? If you go by the results that were seen after people applied the good doctor’s advice, it seems it is justified. He has proved that people who eliminate and control inflammation are less likely to experience a repeat heart attack or any other heart related problem, than those who are treated with standard medication.

In spite of him being such a renowned and reputed heart surgeon this approach by Dr. Lundell endeared him with the public at large and also helped explode the myth about the connection between heart attacks and cholesterol. The doctor stresses that everyone can enjoy excellent health without the need to go through expensive consultations and treatments. All you need to do to ensure an exceptional heart free from any problems is to eliminate inflammation from your body.

Based on this premise and backed by his twenty-five years plus of live research and a wealth of experience he has gathered during his practice, Dr. Lundell has created a simple system whereby you can rid your heart of all possible trouble. His book strongly advocates that people should stay away from drugs and instead adopt his system that would remove inflammation from your body and along with it all your woes regarding your heart.

Dr. Lundell expressed his anguish regarding the immense money drain the world over – where people line up for expensive and often dangerous treatments to ensure the health of their heart. His book explains that you should concentrate all your efforts on eliminating inflammation instead of relying upon medication. Once inflammation is eliminated, all your health problems would be eliminated as well, especially heart ailments.

The book, “The Great Cholesterol Lie” by Dr. Dwight Lundell MD is a must read for every person young and old alike – because it has the ability to save and improve lives.


Source by Paul A. J.