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Gold Coins of Consciousness


With the new Age of Aquarius and its new paradigm of the laws of Quantum Physics we are given new Light to work with.

These Laws tell us that ALL is energy and we created our own present life reality, that we are living now, by our own thoughts, feelings and actions.

Most of humanity is now living in a dark swampy morass of fear and negativity. There are many who can see a light at the end of the tunnel but lack an exact methodology on how to reach it.

I will share with you my methodology. There are many paths out of this dark swamp of fear and uncertainty but I can only share the one I walk.

It is by tossing Gold Coins of Consciousness into your future one day at a time.

The basic reason why so many are trapped in the quagmire of dirty water and mud is because they have forgotten who they are or what the true purpose of life on this planet is all about.

That purpose is to become more conscious and become more god like.

Every other pursuit takes second place. We are individual souls of God. We incarnated out of the Mind of God onto this physical plane, this schoolhouse, to experience life. And to use these experiences to raise our levels of consciousness and work our way back to the Mind of God.

But because of our ignorance of our true purpose and because there are those in power and authority who profit by feeding us wrong information, we have lost our way.

We look down at our feet and see we are standing in muddy water. We look all around us and we see nothing but a swampy, dangerous morass.

What we need is a path out of the swamp. And nobody can build it for us but ourselves.

And we can do it one day at a time. By doing one conscious act every morning we can toss a Gold Coin, to use as a solid stepping stone, into our future. We may not readily see where it lands, but it will be there, straight ahead of us, laying on top of the mud.

We do this day after day after day and we can build a roadway of Golden Coins in front of us out of the swamp.

As we continue to do this one day we will step onto that first Gold Coin and be on our way home.

What is a Gold Coin of Consciousness? It is a daily conscious act you perform every morning before you go out into the world. The quiet hours of your morning are your most precious possessions. Don’t waste it.

We have been given many consciousness raising tools, passed down to us from the Circle of Conscious humanity that went before us.

Let’s use them. Some of these tools are the Runes, The Tarot, Studying Astrology, Studying Numerology, The I-Ching, Meditations, Mantras, Prayer, reading the works of the Masters, communing with the Masters, to name a few. Choose your own.

Every morning when you wake, pick at least one of these tools to work with. Meditate on it, contemplate on it, read about I, use it.

By doing this your mind will create a conscious act by resonating to the consciousness raising tool. You become what you do.

The act will mentally toss a Gold Coin into your future. Do it every day and soon you will be standing on your own, self made Golden Road to God.

Want to get there faster? Toss several Gold Coins into your future daily.


Source by Ellis Peterson