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How To Quickly Turn Platonic Friends into Lovers Using The New 5-Step Jealousy Technique


I’m going to get straight to the point. If you want to exit the platonic zone, you need to focus on two things.

Number one, it can be done. And number two, you must make her jealous. Making a woman jealous is an art. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build instant sexual value. If you have any moral hold ups or any mental roadblocks that will prevent you from making her jealous, then continue to listen to the girl of your dreams yap about some other guy that makes her horny. No self-respecting man should allow such emasculating events to occur, but for some reason it happens all the time.

Making someone jealous is one of the quickest ways to establish your sexual value. I can not stress that enough. In the platonic situation, she is use to you showing her some level of romantic attention. And if you don’t think she has an idea that you are interested in her, then chances are you are wrong. Here’s the good part about this one-sided attraction. Even if she doesn’t initially see you as a potential romantic interest, she has no choice but to receive and experience the pleasurable feelings associated with your attraction to her (whether it is obvious or not obvious).

So naturally when you begin to show her that you are now interested in another girl (making her jealous), you end up cutting off her source of pleasurable feelings. She will experience what I refer to as an “unexplainable emptiness” or an unconscious attraction, which means she will feel drawn to you below her natural level of awareness.

The key is to be effective at this whole process.

And this isn’t something that is slick or jazzy. You don’t have to put on a silvery button-up shirt or practice endless comb-twirls to make this work. Her reaction is natural. And you are simply benefiting by having an understanding of how women respond when placed in a certain psychological environment. And it is this specific understanding that will give you a psychological advantage.

If you succeed at this easy task, she will be drawn to you on a level that she can’t quite explain. People watching the whole thing play out won’t know what the hell happened. And you can just giggle to yourself and say: “An unconscious attraction will always be more powerful than a conscious attraction.”

And it is true. It is the reason why people don’t stay on diets. Their deep down (unconscious) desire to keep eating twinkies is more powerful than the (conscious) desire to eat right.

Once you succeed at making this platonic friend jealous (and you learn how in a second) just calmly smile to yourself. Just take a deep breath and relax. Do not jump up and down as if you hit a game-ending homerun in the bottom of the ninth. Do not outwardly react as if you created a loophole in the universal code. She is designed to respond romantically when in the presence of man who sends the right signals.

It’s real simple. If you act a certain way she will desire you sexually.

If you are attracted to a female friend, then this is important to you because the reality is this.

Females love to talk sexually about other guys to their male friends as if he is one of their girlfriends. Not only is this a fact, it’s an indication that you have zero sexual value in the eyes of your female friend.

Here is the deal. If you are listening or passively accepting the emasculating (balls-removing) act of being radiated by her lusting over another guy, then things are much worse than you think. Many times a woman will say to their male platonic friends “I think he might be good in the sac!” with wide-eyed excitement as if you care.

Many girl’s treat their platonic friend’s like they are girls.

I’m not sure why it works this way, but if you have no sexual value with a particular female, you almost assume the “energy of a female” by default. If you want this female friend, it should offend you when she yaps to you about another guy.

Let’s talk about how to reverse this process. Chances are you are a perfectly straight male that loves women. You just want to figure out if it possible to get this special female attracted to you.

The truth is it is possible. In fact is happens all the time and it happens quite naturally. It is not a strange event when a girl develops a “sudden interest” for a male friend shortly after he has moved on with his life after years of endless pursuing. It’s also quite common for her to even “aggressively pursue” him as soon as he enters into a loving relationship. Now all of a sudden she wants him.

While it may be easy to label her as evil, the truth is she is simply responding in a very predictable way as a result of being placed in a certain psychological environment. And any rate, let’s discuss how you can purposely bring out this “sudden interest” in a girl.

Because from this point on you are going to be prepared.

The first step is very critical. If you do it the right way, you will feel the momentum switch back your way. In addition to that you end up initiating the process of having her experience a loss of pleasurable feelings as you place your attention (what she craves) in another direction.

Women will always love attention. This is going to be your first “momentum tool”.

On an execution level, here is what you do. The next time she does her sexual yapping (or anything that reveals that you have no sexual value), just remain calm. You don’t have to externalize your emotions. You will be more successful if you just calmly let her speak. Let her get it out of her system. And when it feels like it’s your turn to talk, you can calmly introduce your story.

It is a special way of making her jealous.


Make sure when you mention this other girl it flows naturally in the conversation. You don’t want her to think (know) that you have an agenda. You can say something like “Oh yeah, that reminds me, there’s this new girl that moved in down the street…” and then smoothly deliver you story.


Build up the value of the girl in this story. Make her incredible. If the girl isn’t special, than your story isn’t going to have the right affect on her. You have to let her know that this girl is slightly better. Basically, you are going to put her in a competition that she didn’t sign up for. And because all women want the attention to be on them she’ll be literally forced into a competitive mindstate. It’s OK to laugh. Remember, to her you are innoscently recalling a past event/experience with another female or you are telling her about a “new girl” that you just discovered. You are just sharing your joy. Give the friend specific reasons why the “special girl” is better than most females (her). Talk about her breasts, her butt, her personality, her eyes, her amazing smile, anything. Pretend that it is your mission to get the friend to say to herself “Ok, that’s enough! I want you to talk about me!” The good thing about this step is that you don’t have to wonder whether it will work. I’m going to assume that you know that this will happen eventually if you do it the right way.


Repeat Step 2. It is a must that you do this way past the point where she begins to want you to start talking about her. You got to make her feel uncomfortable. And you must extend this discomfort for awhile. Jealousy always involves discomfort. If you ever been jealous over a girl, you know that it always increases your attention (magnifies your focus) on the girl you were jealous over.

You may not realized it, but is also increased your attraction to her. Most women are natural experts at doing this.


If your particular story allows for it, make sure there is an event where a bunch of guys are admiring this special girl. For example: “This new girl moved in my neighbor yesterday. She gets out of her car and three guys stopped what they were doing and just starting staring at her with their tongues hanging out of their mouths. It was like she was walking in slow motion…” You want her to say to herself “She must be super hot. All the guys want her” Also, women get in competitive mode very easily when they see a woman sucking up all of the guys’ attention.


Make this step as believable as possible. So far you have built up the value of this super awesome girl that all the guys want. Now you must show that this girl is attracted to you on some level – even if it appears that you are not aware of it. For example: “It was like she was walking in slow motion. Then she introduced herself to me. I was a little shocked because most hot girls are stuck up. She was very friendly. She then tells me that I reminded her of an ex boyfriend and she starts looking at me weird. I’m not sure if that was good or bad.” As you can see this step is all about sending the message that this girl digs you. It is not about sending the message that you have everything figured out.

That’s it. Don’t expect her to instantly rip her clothes off and give you a blow job. Just be confident that you sent her a set of powerful messages and leave it at that.

And now let’s say that these 5 Steps equal a “session”.

Your goal is to have as many sessions as possible. It doesn’t have to be all in one day. You can spread them out over the course of a few weeks. Your goal is to get her to look at you differently.

So all you are going to look for in the beginning is “something” that makes you go “Aha! It’s working!”

You do not have to worry about what it is specifically. Once you see that “something” you will know. Here is an analogy that illustrates the power of this easy-to-do technique. It illustrates the two phases.

Imagine being in an empty white room with your female friend. The two of you are standing up facing each other talking about whatever. Periodically, you let her know that you are interested in her and each time she smiles and says “I’m flattered, but no thanks”.

Time goes on and now the two of you have been in this room for about 30 straight hours! And about 20-40 times she has smiled and rejected you.

On the 31st hour 4 super hot women (feel free to think of your favorite celebrities) walk in and start immediately kissing and grabbing all over you. They ignore your female friend and they are very much sexually into you. It is almost as if each of them are focused on being pleased by you in some way. This goes on for about 5 minutes and then they leave. You are blown away and can’t believe what just happened. Two hours later, they come back in and this time they step it up a notch. They are literally doing everything imaginable to you. You name it, they are doing it. All in front of your female friend who is looking very uncomfortable as it this goes on right in front of her face. Then they leave again. They continue this cycle 6 more times and each time they step it up a notch. So now you are in the room with your female friend and 10 more hours have gone by and you haven’t complimented or showed interested in her whatsoever.

Your attention is now on these amazing women and that’s all you are talking about. In fact, the female friend is getting tired of hearing about them.

It should be easy to see that pretty soon your female friend is going to not only miss the attention that you use to show her, but she is going to look at you a little differently. This analogy represents the ideal impact that you want to have on your female friend with your story.

In order to get her, she has to look at you differently. Again, this is something that happens all of the time when guys get tired of chasing the girl or they get a girlfriend and suddenly the female friend changes her mind.

Females change their minds all the time. They’re great at it and to be honest they really do need our help. The entire event of converting her into a girl that sees you as sexually valuable in this example features two phases:

The first phase is the flattery phase. You probably has already executed this. And maybe you still are. This is the process of one-sided attraction.

The good news, is that you have already done some of the work because remember:

“Even if she doesn’t see you initially as a potential romantic interest, she has no choice but to receive and experience the pleasurable feelings associated with the interest that you show her (whether it is obvious or not obvious).”

All you have to do is complete the second phase (the 5 steps) to make her jealous.

The reality is when you tell a story, or watch a movie you have no choice but to place yourself intimately in that story. You become one of the characters. As the movie goes on, your eyes will water. Your heart will pound. You will sweat. When in reality the movie was not real, yet you experienced real biological and psychological reactions as if you were living the scenes in the movie.

By the way, this is 100% fun to do.

When you tell your story she will unknowingly identify (or compete) with the female! So obviously your jealousy-inducing story should make you appear like the man. If you know any “other powerful signals” that women respond to, now is the time to send them in your story.

Make sure the woman in your story is sexually admiring you and you are sexually admiring that female. This creates a two-prong attack. And make sure she is interested and tuned in to your story. Good luck.

One last thing. Make sure you look for that something (a change in how she sees you) that makes you go:

“Aha! It’s working”.

This will let you know if you were successful at capturing her attention, painting the story in her mind, making her uncomfortably jealous/competitive and showing her that the hot girl is attracted to you in some way.


Source by CR James