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Sleep Apnea Causes That You Didn’t Know About

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder. The most common cause of sleep apnea is obesity. A person who is obese is prone to sleeping disorder because the fat obstructs the airway, which in turn causes the airway to close up and block the flow of air. Also, can be caused by an irregular heartbeat or by diabetes.

People with sleeping issues are in very serious condition. If a person has a sleeping disorder, it could potentially affect their lives seriously. They can have accidents, suffer accidents due to tiredness or exhaustion, or even fall asleep while driving. Other sleep disorders that are caused by obesity include depression, multiple sclerosis, and Type II diabetes.

Doctors do not know the exact cause of sleep disorder. There is a study on obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. They suspect that a person with sleep apnea has an irregular heartbeat. This is because heart diseases can cause the blood to flow improperly. Therefore, it could flow through the small blood vessels that are present in the back of the throat and upper airways.

If you are overweight, you are prone to having issues sleeping. A person who is overweight also has a high risk of developing type II diabetes. Women with obesity may have more risk of suffering from sleep apnea. Patients with sleeping issues also have a higher risk of developing depression and coronary heart disease.

It is believed that women who are obese, especially those who are obese due to diabetes, may suffer from sleep disorder because of coronary heart disease. Women who are overweight also suffer from sleep apnea because of diabetes. Even small blood vessels are enough to cause the blockage of the airways, which could cause a sleeping person to wake up. Diabetes and obesity may lead to heart failure. When the blood vessels become clogged, the lungs and other organs are not able to get enough oxygen, therefore, the patient suffers from shortness of breath.

Being overweight is a problem for women as well. Women who are overweight also suffer from sleeping disorder. If obesity worsens, the heart may weaken. If the heart is weak, it could result in a heart attack or stroke.

Weight is not the only factor that can cause sleeping issues. The sleeping position has to be an important issue. The fact that the major cause of sleep apnea is obesity, indicates that the sleeping position should be changed.

It is important to change the sleeping position because the airway and neck are in very good shape. In case the airway is obstructed during the night, the muscles around the neck relax, and this can make the airway narrow. As such, the person cannot breathe and might also suffer from sleeping disorder.

Another important factor for the prevention of sleep apnea is diet. Obese people usually have problems with diabetes. Those who are obese and diabetic have higher risks of suffering from a sleeping disorder. There are different causes of sleep apnea and once these are known, it is better to make changes in eating habits and lifestyle.

Nutrition is also considered for the prevention of sleep disorder. Obesity is a problem. Patients with obesity suffer from more severe symptoms. So, people with sleep apnea should eat healthily and exercise regularly. These two should be a part of the everyday routine.

Obesity and sleep apnea are related and must be treated together. There are many people who experience obesity and sleep apnea. People should avoid sleeping problems and try to prevent obesity from affecting them.

Source by Dan Licamara