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The Mustard Seed of Faith and Its Development Within


Matthew 17:19-20 reads: “The apostles came to Jesus in private and asked him: why couldn’t we drive the demon out? – referring back to an earlier incident in Matt 17:14 when the apostles could not heal a boy. “Because you hadn’t enough faith” Jesus replied, then he said: “I assure you that if you have faith as big as a mustard seed, you can say to this hill go from here to there! And it will go. You could do anything”.

Earlier in Matthew 17:17 Jesus said “How unbelieving and wrong you people (mind-sets) are! How long must I stay with you (remaining in lower-self nature)? How long do I have to put up with you?” In other words, how long more will we choose remaining under the domain of finite mind in preference of Infinite Son of God status.

We’re unbelieving while in spiritual ignorance. Thus the boy is symbolism of our non-spiritually quickened soul in need of awakening into conscious contact with our Higher Self dimension.

Other scriptures use mountain instead of hill “you could say to this mountain be gone into the sea and it would be gone”. Mountain in scripture is Higher consciousness. When human consciousness becomes transformed into Higher consciousness, it is gone into the sea – the equivalent of faith-filled consciousness – when intentions through this state of mind come about. A spiritually rooted person will live faith naturally, enjoy an unbreakable link with God regardless how big the so-called problem or goal – Mountain will either give, heal or sprout new understanding in tandem with heart-felt intentions.

The mustard seed story is about coming upon hidden faith ability and its development into an unshakable, irremovable level of Mountain consciousness and its expression. This scripture is not about having faith already. It’s about how, from tiny beginnings, the mustard seed births and expands into ever-present levels of Godliness, into never waning or fading soul values.

The reason the apostles in Matt 17:19-20 could not perform healing was because left-side brain was dominating, which is why Jesus said: “of myself (ego) I can do nothing”.The apostles were asleep in how directly experiencing faith-nature is come upon.

The apostles going to Jesus in private is symbolism of personal meditation, entering into the boundless silence of soul. Jesus is symbolism of our own awakening-wisdom, the inner Teacher guiding us to our own Christ within.

Concentrated Seed Faith.

Let us consider a seed — any seed. Seed is the most concentrated faith-filled unit of creation. It produces only what its designed for, nothing else is possible. Being the smallest of all seeds, Jesus selects the mustard seed for his story of explaining how boundless faith is intended to grow and expand from tiny beginnings within consciousness. But while existing in concentrated format within each soul, faith requires awakening, tapping into — germination. In this context, the deep silence of meditation, amounting to the unmanifest seed faith, transmutes into manifested faith-consciousness.

The actual seed, though, is somewhat bigger than a mustard seed, more pea-size and located in the center of the brain, it’s called the Pineal gland. In many religions, this gland is portrayed as a Pine Cone, including a bust-size statue in the grounds of the Vatican – strange how this is never referred to in their teachings.

Biblical faith clearly is not about a strong faith in this and lesser in that, for, being all-pervading, faith is not conditional measurement allocation. While remaining constant, concrete, faith is ever-active, ever abstract fluidity in its all-encompassing dynamical silence — as in, water taking the shape of any pipe, such as “Jesus stooped and wrote in the sand” meaning, expression in whatever faith capacity we have achieved.

Faith in action is constantly transforming consciousness into ever-higher spiritual dimensions, tirelessly nudging the soul into ever-perfecting levels of human love, into total experiential amercement of Christ-consciousness and its expression at one’s own level.

Thus, faith is alchemized silence brought about by repeated meditational transcendence — of entering into the Pineal gland — a process which transmutes human ego. Experiencing transcendentally is beyond ego, an act of will or mental effort, rather its by natural infusion of bliss into the very nature of the mind — a state which knows no opposite,

Although the physical seed is situated in the brain as the Pineal gland, germination or activation is initiated through the root chakra at the base of the spine and subsequent rising of Kundalini life force into the brain. It’s this root chakra opening which triggers the five other spinal chakras into opening, culminating in awareness entering the Pineal gland and divine seed-nature sprouting. Once this process is commenced faith-journeying into Higher realms has truly begun.

Biblically, awakening Kundalini is equivalent of John the Baptist and the One which follows – the One which follows is baptism into directly experiencing Christ-consciousness, which is faith.

Healing and Everyday Faith

Healing is not a single life-event, where, once achieved, further spiritual development can be ignored. This can happen when healing is attained by visitation to particular shrines, pools or by intermediary – where some-one or holy venue bypasses our own “unbelieving” level. In such cases, people’s expectations become raised in advance, which the brain translates as faith; and while there may be a healing, this is not the Bible’s mustard seed of faith. To faith-mimic we can of course accentuate joyous feelings by becoming animated in visioning specific desired outcomes as happened – thus natural happiness is indeed a potent healing force – but it’s not real faith. Casting demons out permanently is by transformation of consciousness, by consciously coming upon Mountain Silence, upon Higher Self-consciousness, when purification of mind, body and soul occurs leaving no opening for depressed feelings to form new or repeating dis-ease.

In other words, using an onion to generate tears is not emotional crying!

In the early stages of mustard seed expansion, much casting out is taking place without awareness. It’s when subtle realignment of our thought processes are taking new shape, when mature understanding and soul perceptions are forming an Abiding state for further thoughts and intuition of a Higher Realm to dwell.

As we advance further in meditation practice, realization of Higher consciousness becomes acutely tangible. Through awakening of pivotal mechanisms in the brain and spinal column, newer levels of exhilarating health and well-being present in consciousness, manifest in body – when struggle and effort begin releasing their grip.

In the early stages of spiritual development, we may feel that a strong faith in certain biblical characters or historical events is required or insinuated in this mustard seed story. But, no, this is not what this scripture is about: Jesus is NOT asking that we have faith in him, a philosophy, a place or any other person. The asking message is about Self Realization, that we come upon our innate capacity of soul-faith, our own out-pouring Self-refer Mountain for instantaneous living of a Self-healing life. To this end, we’re reminded: “the apostles got into the boat and went to the other side” – boat meaning meditation, and, other side, meaning transcendence into right-side brain, abiding home of faith-nature.

12 Cranial Nerves and Healing

Once cognized as NOT meaning 12 historical men, and that the apostles are symbolism for the 12 Cranial nerves in the brain, then new understanding begins unfolding rapidly. The 12 apostles are 12 qualities of the soul — aspects of human consciousness for integration and healing. These 12 spiritually-serving nerve centers – responsible for almost every bodily function — along with the five Chakras in the spine and two in the brain, are the soul’s receptor or diffusion points for bodily interaction of cosmic energy, thus is how soul-focus and well-being for optimal spiritual growth is maintained.

The reason the apostles could not drive out demons was because the 12 Cranial nerves were non spiritually functioning – absence of direct faith-consciousness. Its only when these consecrated centers are performing as intended, in conjunction with the chakras and glandular system, can spiritual nature develop practically.

The demons, having their origin in deeply rooted generational handovers, consequent of previous lives’ non-soul serving Cranial nerves, are myriad and complex, beyond the scope of modern-day psychology. The spiritually asleep state of these vital centers is what keeps demon consciousness in place — stuck in ordinary human consciousness – in the birth, death, rebirth cycle of suffering. And is why Jesus said “I will rebuild this temple in 3-days” –symbolism of spiritual restructuring of the brain. Here “3” is not an aggregate of earth days but symbol of divinity, Unity.

This also is why the apostles – Cranial nerves — went to Jesus in private, meaning engaged in silence meditation thereby awakening these divinely appointed alchemy centers for rebuilding the temple, the brain, through Unity consciousness.

Does a Tree Have Faith?

Yes, on its own plane of existence. Similar to humans, trees undergo healing on a daily basis, but in different ways. A tree’s eco-system consists of roots, branches, leaves and trunk. In the tree’s case it’s Sap which heals. But, we may ask, from where does Sap come? The answer is, Sap comes from a source beyond the tree; its drawn in from earth Nature through the root’s tentacles. The tree does not manufacture Sap. Having come in through the root system, Sap is distributed throughout the entire tree, weather healing is required or not. So long as roots remain “watered”, then roots maintain capacity of Sap distribution. The root is the conduit, the instrumentality through which Sap flows into the whole tree for instantaneous healing and growth.

If you ask a tree what time it is, the tree will say, it is Now!

Healing of a tree is an act of single-mindedness, of present moment functioning. On the other hand, humans live in time, space and causation, plus ego personality. Thereby, unwittingly, through repeated negativity and unloving nature is interference with spiritual growth taking place. Whereas the tree does not stand on the hose while being watered, humans can through endless stress and worry about past-future.

But, what happens when there is no rain-fall to water the roots? Well, this is where the good gardener comes in – he / she waters the roots personally, thus maintaining Sap flow. So long as the roots receive nourishment, then Sap flows unabated.

Conversely, with humans, there are two forms of healing. One, the innate healing intelligence within the body – which, similar to the tree, heals scar-tissue and other bodily / trunk parts – which does not require faith for functionality. But the faith mentioned in scriptures is about a state of faith consciousness and its transformational power of taking carnal mind beyond suffering into divine Mind. Faith consciousness is about first awakening the mechanisms which initiate transformation from spiritual ignorance into conscious connection with Truth -Truth meaning that which never changes, eternal consciousness.

Transitioning of awareness into Truth commences in the head (meditation) progresses to opening the first chakra at the base of the spine then returning up along the spine back to head / heart for permanent establishment of consciousness. This process — known as Kundalini rising — is how faith-nature becomes resolute consciousness.

In human terms, the very same principle of watering the tree’s roots apply, only, it’s the mind which is watered. Watering the mind is entering into communion with pure silence in meditation which naturally awakens the tentacles or channels of the soul – the Kundalini – allowing for healing of emotional scars and generational and peer conditioning to take place. Thus, converged silence is which expands from tinny mustard beginnings (birth of Christ within) into boundless transformational faith-consciousness — abiding state for further thoughts and intuition of a Higher Realm to dwell.

The Mantra and Mustard Seed Faith

Luke: 9-48 puts it “for he who is least among you all (converged intellect) is the greatest”.

Mantra is a word-sound, a vibration used for creating calm and silence in the mind. Like water and air, the mantra is neutral and works naturally with all people regardless of religion or none. At practical level, mantra achieves Luke: 9-48 in that, gradually the intellect reduces from gross levels of thought to the smallest of the smallest – least of the least, the mustard seed – resulting in expansion of human consciousness into transcendental pure consciousness or unconditional faith nature. In other words, when during meditation, intellect is reduced to its least, a new dynamic is born, a new connective wavelength infuses or vibrates into awareness: spontaneous calibration of mantra sound into thought expansion resulting in faith consciousness. Thus the mustard seed mushrooms into Mountain Light, Transcendent Experiencing, when soul-flow Essence is freed from the bondage of cyclical darkness.

Often referred to as the law of thought increase, this expansion of thought – mantra is a thought — is commencement of Ascension out of lower carnal mind, when ego-centric mind becomes Spiritual Mountain. Mountain is now Alive, thus thought-feeling nature becomes hugely sensitive, hence the need for thoughts to be positive with regard to self and others — “Lead us not into temptation” (ignoring cosmic law) – Lord’s Prayer.

In conclusion

Thoughts, Watching and Faith-Seeds

As maturation of faith consciousness develops, expression of thoughts become equivalent of faith-seeds in action — potent tool moulds – in that, whatever vision or heart quality the thought is filled of, is what comes about. “Whatever ye ask for in my name, (love nature) believing ye have it, (resolute faith) I give you my word (Law) it will come about” Mark 11:24. Through the law of thought increase – go forth and multiply – every intentional faith-filled thought expands from tiny infancy into manifestation of the intentional feelings or emotions generated.

In biblical terms, planting a seed in the field is the same as planting a thought in mind – field is symbolism for mind. The imperative being, keeping our thoughts divinely orientated for use through ever maturing faith, for good only. Watching allows conscious control over random and meaningless thoughts entering the mind. It further prevents from being unduly influenced by others’ thoughts and desires which do not fit with our own newly forming mustard seed consciousness. Watching allows witnessing experientially the sacredness and Immanence of each present moment and its faith-filled aspect.


Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan