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Understanding Omega 3 Benefits for Your Body and Mind

Most people have heard that there are benefits to taking omega 3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, most do not fully understand what those omega 3 benefits are and how to fully take advantage of them. If you would like to know why foods rich in omega 3 and omega 3 supplements are so important to your health, keep reading.

Omega 3 Benefits for the Body

Research continues into the physical omega 3 benefits, but so far the following has been discovered:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation throughout the body.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the risk of deadly diseases, including cancer and heart disease.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids can increase blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Those who consume healthy amounts of omega-3 consistently are less likely to develop diabetes.
  • Dry skin, acne, and many other minor health problems can improve when omega 3 is added to the diet.


Those who take omega 3 supplements or increase their consumption of omega-rich foods often report feeling more energetic, looking more youthful, and generally feeling better in every way possible. There are many who even believe omega 3 benefits those trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Omega 3 benefits extend to every bodily process, every organ, and every tiny skin cell. The research will probably continue to reveal benefits that have been suspected, but which haven’t been proven.

Omega 3 Benefits for the Mind

Studies have also shown that people who consume higher amounts of omega-3 on a consistent basis benefit from increased focus and concentration. Many people find that they are able to remember things better when they take a daily omega-3 supplement as well. The mind simply processes better in every possible way.

This is why so many parents are now giving their children daily omega-3 supplements. It is believed that children who get these supplements perform better in school and in sports or other afterschool activities.

Taking Full Advantage

Now that you understand why omega 3 is so important to your body and mind, it’s time to consider your options for consuming adequate amounts of these fatty acids. Your body cannot produce omega 3, so you will only have the advantage of the fatty acids you consume through diet or supplements. There are two basic options: eat natural foods that are high in omega 3 or take daily fish oil or krill oil supplements.

Many people like the idea of getting their omega-3 benefits through a healthy, natural diet, but this isn’t possible for most people. You need a large concentration of omega 3 fatty acids on a daily basis to get the full omega 3 benefits. Unfortunately, most people do not eat enough omega-rich foods to get those benefits. If you don’t eat salmon and other fish high in omega-3 at least four times a week, then chances are you won’t get enough without a supplement.

If you are relying upon plant foods that have omega 3, then it is even more unlikely that you can consume enough in your daily diet to get maximum omega 3 benefits. A high-quality fish oil or krill oil supplement is the best alternative, though you should continue to eat healthy foods natural in omega 3, or which have been fortified with omega 3.