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Webkinz Dogs Review

Webkinz Stuffed Animals come in a variety of different species.

There are pets for the dog lover, the cat lover, and the exotic animal lover.

Some, but not all, of the Webkinz Stuffed Animals come in a smaller

variety called Lil Kinz. I am particularly fond of the Webkinz Dogs and

I would like to share what Webkinz Dogs are available. Most Webkinz Dogs

are approximately eight inches in size while the Lil Kinz are approximately

six inches in size.

Golden Retriever and Lil Kinz Golden Retriever

By nature, a Golden Retriever is a water dog. Webkinz Golden Retriever

is a soft and shaggy beige colored stuffed animal with brown eyes.

Lil Kinz Golden Retriever is a smaller version of

the larger stuffed animal.

Basset Hound and Lil Kinz Bassett Retriever

A Bassett Hound is known for its keen sense of smell. Webkinz

Bassett Hound is an eight inch stuffed animal with long floppy

brown ears, a white body and black tail. Lil Kinz Bassett Hound

is a smaller version of the larger stuffed animal .

Yorkie and Lil Kinz Yorkie

Both the Webkinz Yorkie and the Lil Kinz

Yorkie have white shaggy hair, lightly tinted with pink on the

tips, and come complete with a pink bow in their hair.

Black Lab

The Webkinz Black Lab is an eight inch coal black

stuffed animal with black eyes and a black button nose.

Chihuahua and Lil Kinz Chihuahua

Straight from south of the border, the Webkinz Chihuahua and

Lil Kinz Chihuahua have big brown eyes, pink lined ears and

a small little beige body.

Cocker Spaniel and Lil Kinz Cocker Spaniel

The floppy eared Webkinz Cocker Spaniel and

Lil Kinz Cocker Spaniel have a fluffy little beige body, a goofy

little grin, and those sad puppy dog eyes.


Dalmations are known for their hard work effort and loyalty.

The black and white spotted Webkins Dalmation

stays true to form. This puppy works hard to win over its owner

with its cute black eyes and its floppy ears-one black and one


Love Puppy

This unique little puppy is pink with red hearts

all over it. The Webkinz Love Puppy

comes with a little pink nose and lots of love.

Pink Poodle

Webkin Pink Poodle is a petite little

puppy covered entirely with pink fur.

Bull Dog

The Webkinz Bull Dog might look

mean but with his soft tan body and his little

white face he doesn’t have a mean

bone in his body.

Cheeky Dog

This adorable little dog is now retired

from the Webkinz collection. With a

soft, furry, cream colored body, shaggy

brown ears, shaggy tan back and one

shaggy brown eye, the Webkinz

Cheeky Dog has become one of

the rarest and hard to find Webkinz

pet around.

Chocolate Lab

Labs are swimmers by nature.

Webkinz Chocolate Lab is

a handsome chocolate colored puppy

with beady black eyes and a button

black nose.


The Webkinz Husky

is a strong little puppy with a white

body and gray ears and back. This

is one of the newest editions to the

Webkinz Collection.

Poodle and Lil Kinz Poodle

Both the Webkinz Poodle and Lil Kinz Poodle

are well groomed with perfect hair doos. Completely

white in color, these animals are covered in fluffy

white fur.

St. Bernard

A St. Bernard is one of the most loyal dogs that you can

find. The Webkinz St. Bernard is no

different. This adorable puppy has black eyes surrounded

in mounds of black fur, a brown back, and white little


White Terrier and Lil Kinz Terrier

Covered in white shag fur, the Webkinz White Terrier

and Lil Kinz Terrier have a cute black smile and

are adorned with a pink accent bow.

Webkinz Dogs are the largest species among the Webkinz

Collection. In my next article I will review all of the

Webkinz Cats.

Source by Jill Sprouse