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A Dog Day Afternoon


Here she comes again as I write this story. She will run to watch me type on the computer. This doesn’t happen all of the time, only when she wants something from me. She will stand by the door to my office, look at me then look away. If I turn toward her, she comes to me and rubs up against me. She will lean into me and then put her head on my lap and looking at me with those big brown eyes, challenging me to guess what she wants. Is it food, water, outside, attention?

This time she wants nothing but a little loving and attention. It’s not always having to do with attention but still, if anyone comes into my office she will come in and act jealous. I don’t know why she acts so jealous there is no one like her in my life, literally. I love her attention as much as she needs mine.

There was a time when I thought I couldn’t replace my last furry friend when he tragically died. I actually had him put down but it was an act of love. He hurt his knee and although he could still get around, I knew he was in pain too much of the time. Sure, he still wanted to be with me and go with me wherever I went. He did have a hard time keeping up with me, although eventually that wasn’t the biggest problem.

One day he lost use of another leg, I knew it was time. I called the vet and asked if I could bring him in, to end his suffering. I drove to the Veterinarian, paid the fee and returned home with a stretcher for my dog’s last trip. My wife and I had a hard time getting him on the stretcher but I think during times like these, you just put your mind on what you have to do. After my dog was euthanized I don’t remember much else but crying harder than I have for some people that have died.

Maybe we cry for our pets because they rely on us more than most people and almost everything we do impacts their lives and deaths. We wonder if we did the right thing when it feels like that time. I still miss him at times.

Now I have this dog who makes me laugh, she gets excited to see me and runs around in circles, stops for a while and leans into me like she never had anyone pet her before.

Here she comes now looking for attention. I pet her and she turns around so I can get her whole body, especially her rear end area, she likes that scratched most of all. As she walks away I see that I have been writing too long, the sun is going down. Got to go now, and take my best friend for a walk before the day slips away.


Source by Greg W Day