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Adopting A Golden Retriever – What To Expect When You Adopt One Of The Most Popular Dog Breeds


It’s understandable why so many people fall in love with Golden Retrievers after spending only a short amount of time with these dogs. After all, these dogs aren’t just beautiful – they’re also smart, gentle and eager to please. They’re affectionate, calm, good-natured and patient with children, so they make wonderful family pets. Adopting a Golden Retriever has become popular in America.

It might seem like this dog would be the right pet for everyone, but you still need to decide whether one of these dogs would be perfect for you in particular. Like all dogs, Golden Retrievers have certain needs, and getting one of these dogs could be a mistake if his needs don’t fit your lifestyle. For example, they need to spend time with people. They’re loyal, devoted and gentle, and they love getting attention. This means your Golden might be unhappy if you’re not home for long periods of time. These dogs also have an abundance of energy, and they are always ready to play. They crave human companionship, and someone who is unable to spend a lot of time with their dog should probably get a different breed or even another type of pet.

These dogs need exercise every day, and they need enough space to let them run and play. Playing Frisbee, long walks and retrieving sticks or balls are some of their favorite things to do, along with hiking, swimming, jogging and biking. But they need more than daily physical activity. These are highly intelligent dogs, and putting them through obedience training stimulates their minds. They tend to learn things very quickly, so in some ways they are ideal for a first-time dog owner. It’s important to prevent boredom in Golden Retrievers, but training and playing games with your dog can keep him active and busy. You can also prevent boredom by giving your dog certain jobs, like bringing your slippers or fetching the newspaper.

These dogs are excellent around children, and they do well with other household pets. They are poor watchdogs, however, because they tend to get along well with strangers. You also need to watch how much you feed a Golden Retriever. These dogs love to eat, and it would be very easy to overfeed one. Young dogs that overeat but stay active might not have problems with their weight, but older, more sedate dogs can put on weight and might end up with health issues if fed too much.

Golden Retrievers love life and can be quite exuberant. Sometimes these tendencies can lead to some minor problems. For example, if you leave for work without giving your Golden Retriever some chew toys to occupy his time, you might come home to a pair of chewed-up shoes. You can avoid problems like this by making sure your Golden Retriever always has chew toys and other toys he can play with.

Golden Retriever adoptions should be carefully considered, but they can be highly rewarding. Once you decide one of these beautiful dogs is the right choice for you, prepare everything in advance so you can welcome your new family member in style. Once he arrives, you and your new pet will become best friends.


Source by Chris Bayan