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Bearded Collie


Breed group: Herding

Weight: 45-55 lbs

Height: male: 21-22 inches, female: 20-21 inches


This breed is also referred to as the “Beardie”. It is believed that these dogs are an antecedent of the Old English sheepdog. They are originally from Scotland where it was used for many centuries to herd flocks of sheep and cattle. These dogs were bred to be independent working dogs and to make decisions without human intervention. Bearded Collies were almost extinct during the first part of the 20th century, but were saved from extinction in 1944. They are still fairly rare in the United States today, but their popularity is growing.


Bearded Collies are known for the vibrant personalities. They are very charming, full of affection and full of joy. These dogs love to play and are full of energy. This breed makes wonderful companions for children, en they are full of enthusiasm. The Bearded Collie is a very stable and self-confident dog. You will find that the males are more outgoing, while the females need to be around people. These dogs are very entertaining, but they can be stubborn at times.


These dogs require a lot of grooming, and Bearded Collies should be brushed on a daily basis to prevent tangling. It is advised to treat their coats with a conditioning spray before brushing them. This breed can also be clipped by professionals every two months or so. This breed should not be bathed too often, and can only be dry shampooed when really necessary. Excessive hair between their pads should be removed, and it is also important to keep the inside of their ears clean. It is recommended that you part the hair of the Bearded Collie along their backs.


Bearded Collies are independent thinkers, and will sometimes let you get the impression that they know best. Some of these dogs are easier to housebreak than others. This breed is very trainable, and can excel in many activities. It is very important to train these dogs in obedience as they have a tendency to be very stubborn at times. They will do very well in activities such as tracking, agility, herding, performing tricks and competitive obedience. The Bearded Collie will do best if their training is fair, firm and consistent.

Health problems

In general these dogs are fairly healthy, but they are prone to allergies. You should also be aware of hip dysplasia, eye problems, hypothyroidism and auto-immune disease.


Source by John M Williams