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Boston Terrier Dogs For Sale – Buy Boston Terriers From Breeders, Not Pet Stores

Boston terrier dogs for sale at pet shops are not likely to be healthy dogs. They look so cute that you may want to take him or her home immediately. That’s a wonderful thing if you are a dog rescuer who wants to adopt dogs with problems. Thank goodness there are people in the world who do that, but they are aware that they are taking on a rescue dog. All dog breeds, including Boston terrier dogs, for sale at pet shops tend to be from puppy mills. These horrible places are big business for irresponsible people who don’t care about breeding healthy dogs.

If you live in Ohio, for example, Boston terrier dogs for sale in the pet stores may very well come from your neighbor state Pennsylvania. The puppy mills are run by Lancaster farmers who let the breeding dogs and puppies live in truly horrible conditions. For many years, the Pennsylvania State Legislature has tried and failed to get a good law passed to regulate the horrible puppy mills there. Any Ohio Boston terrier in a pet store is quite possibly from a Pennsylvania puppy mill.

The problem with buying a Boston from a pet store is that you are supporting puppy mills that inhumanely raise Boston terrier dogs for sale. Rather than contributing to the profits of puppy mills directly, it would be better to consider Boston terrier adoption from a nonprofit rescue group. You may also want to contribute to nonprofit groups like United Boston Terrier Rescue which have strategies for rescuing puppy mill Bostons. Without mentioning that they are involved in rescue work, these groups attend auctions and buy Boston terriers. Often they buy female Boston terriers to prevent them from going to puppy farms. The wonderful volunteers in these groups then find good homes for the rescued Bostons.

If you want to buy a Boston puppy, you’ll find well-bred Boston terrier dogs for sale by breeders almost anywhere. Good breeders take pride in their reputations and sell well-bred dogs. When you go see a Boston breeder, he or she will likely interview you to see if you are eligible to get a puppy. This breeder clearly cares about his or her puppy’s future and that’s a very good sign.

When you buy your puppy from a good breeder, you will only get a beautiful, healthy Boston terrier. You will also be taking a stand against the pet stores that keep puppy mills operating and inhumanely breeding Boston terrier dogs for sale.

Source by Raymond Hendricks