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Factorial Breathing – Chi Breathing Exercises For Awareness and Power

Breathing exercises and chi always go hand-in-hand. Whether you are a martial artist, energy healer, acupuncturist, or yoga practitioner, there is no doubt that you are familiar with the concept of chi: the Universal Energy.

We are constantly breathing, and constantly using Chi in everything we do and in everywhere we go. Its not a stretch to say that the way we breath directly parallels the way(s) that Chi moves through us and around us. Hence, using Chi breathing exercises is a sure way to increase and enhance your awareness of the universal energy in your body, mind, spirit, will, and even in those around you.

The irony about Chi breathing exercises, is that every breath we take is already an exercise of Chi. When we inhale, we are expanding and dilating ourselves outwards, taking in what is surrounding us. Then, when we exhale it is like we are releasing what we just absorbed form our environment, with the addition of giving something from our inner world back to the outer world.

Many people don’t know about Chi, and especially the importance and power of Chi breathing exercises. A lot of people might think of Chi as something from fantasy stories (even though it is a lot like “The Force” in StarWars), but it is truly real and usable in every aspect of our lives.

That is the really amazing part about Chi breathing exercises. By using a finely tuned and designed exercise on a regular basis (and repetition is really important if you want to grow and expand your awareness) we can add an extra power to every step of our day… It can help you with relationships (added awareness of others’ Chi), it can help you with your work (whether that be added physical or mental clarity), and especially it will help you with your actual practices with Chi energy; like Yoga, Martial Arts, or Energy healing.

At this time you should be introduced to Factorial Breathing. This is a Chi breathing exercises mini-course that is designed to increase your overall awareness, especially of yourself and the energy in others. It will also help with lung capacity, blood pressure, muscular tensions, and other health benefits. However, the overall purpose of the exercises is to increase your inner power, and your ability to manifest this (mysterious) universal energy that we all have the right to use.

If you haven’t heard of Factorial Breathing before, then you should definitely give it a try. The sources of breathing exercises are a mix of Indonesian, Russian, and Indian mysticism. Sometimes the most powerful tools in humanity can be best found by unearthing our collective history. May The Force be with you!

Source by John-Paul Gagliano