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Greyhound Handicapping – #1 Way to Win Consistently at the Dog Track


If you’re losing more than you’re winning at the dog track, maybe it’s time to step back and take a long, hard look at your handicapping method. And if you’re not using a method, then it’s definitely time to think about what you do when you go to the track.

Betting without planning is a fool’s game, although even the best handicappers slip into it once in awhile. But if it’s more than once in awhile for you, it’s pretty certain that you’ll lose more than you win and that’s no fun.

So, if you want to win consistently, you have to handicap consistently. You need a system – either one that you come up with yourself over time – or one that someone else has come up with over time. In either case, the system has to be tried and true, not something that your buddy’s brother in law thought up over beers at a backyard BBQ.

Greyhound handicapping is a very difficult art. Greyhounds don’t have jockeys, so once they get out onto the track, it’s all instinct, speed and running smarts. The only way you can consistently pick winners at the dog track is by watching thousands of races, noticing what crucial factors indicate that a dog is ready to perform in THIS particular race, and then betting the race the right way.

If that sounds like what you’re doing and you’re going home with a fatter wallet than you went with, give yourself a pat on the back and keep doing what you’re doing. But if you’re not getting any better at handicapping, even after many trips to the track, consider listening to Albert Einstein.

Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” That’s what you’re doing when you keep making the same mistakes over and over at the track, picking numbers or listening to other people or depending on luck to help you pick dogs.

There are books on greyhound handicapping. There are greyhound handicapping forums on the Net. There’s just no reason to keep losing with all the information that’s out there. So, if you want to win consistently, improve your handicapping skills and put some time and effort into learning the craft of greyhound handicapping.

Watch as many replays as you can. Watch the replays of the races that you play and when you do, don’t just watch the dog you bet on. Watch the other dogs and try to get an overview of how the race played out.

If your dog won, watch to see what benefitted it. If it lost, try to see how its running style or the other dogs’ running style hindered it. Don’t forget post position. Did it benefit from a good post? If it did, make a note of it, so that you can play the dog when it runs in that post again.

Read, watch, listen to people who are good handicappers. All of this is what will make you a much better handicapper and a winner at the dog track.


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