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Joys of Walking Your Dog in the Rain

If you’re an active dog parent who spends a lot of time outside with your faithful companion, you probably don’t want to let a little bad weather ruin your good time. Most pet owners will have no issue walking their dogs in the rain as long as it is done properly.

Some dogs really love the rain, especially if they are retrievers or other dog breeds that love water, but most dogs want to avoid going out in the rain. If you really want your dog to walk in the rain with you, you’ll need to make the experience as comfortable and joyous as possible for your dog.

If you know your dog is going to be spending a lot of time walking or running with you in the rain, try bringing him with you to a pet store so he can try on the dog rain gear before you buy it. Walk him up and down the aisle to assess his level of comfort.

You may want your furry friend to get a dog raincoat which could help minimize the effects of rain on your dog’s body temperature. To a certain extent, dog raincoats can also serve as protection against debris that may fly on your dog’s way. Wearing a dog raincoat may feel strange and an unusual accessory for him, but you should be able to tell whether or not he will adjust or completely reject the rain gear he’s trying on. Raincoats are one of the most popular items for pets who spend time in wet weather.

You might also want to include a dog sweater under your pet’s raincoat to help provide warmth against the steely coldness of rain. Use a reflective leash. Like your dog’s collar, the leash should also be reflective, making it more visible in bad conditions.

Walking with your dog in the rain is actually a very nice idea since you’re getting your pet to experience something that only happens during such weather phenomena. It also gets its daily exercise and helps facilitate fecal elimination. Walking a dog in the rain can be enjoyable and has several benefits too, as long as it is a safe dog walking process.

Walking a dog in the rain is a necessary part of being a responsible and loving dog owner and getting outdoors is a great health benefit for both parties. It is a bonding time to get outdoor together. By keeping your pet’s health and safety in mind and wearing pet-appropriate clothing, your next spring walk will be the highlight of you and your dog’s day. Certainly, a wonderful opportunity to bond together and enjoy everything the spring season has to offer with our best mates.

Once your little furry friend is outside, during or after the rainfall, he heads straight for the huge puddle of water to play. He rolls around in it, jumps in it, and becomes a huge wet, muddy mess. You don’t mind because it obviously brings great joy to your dog. Put on some boots for puddle jumping as they may have an amazing time splashing in the great outdoors.

Generating the willpower and motivation to exercise on a rainy day is no easy feat. Many people will simply skip physical exercise in favor of more comfortable and relaxing alternatives on that day. This is, once again, where our four-legged best friends come to the rescue. There is little doubt that the vast majority of people want what is best for their pet. Combine this with the proven fact that regular walks are clearly good for the physical and mental welfare of our faithful dogs, and we have a solid reason to go for a walk. While we may not always be willing to do what is best for ourselves, we will certainly do it for our beloved pets. Our dogs provide us with the key push and motivation to get up off the couch and go for that much-needed walk on a rainy day too. Why should you walk your dog in the rain? For the sake of your pet!

Live a little. Channel your inner child and splash in a runoff. Let your dog enjoy the rainy moment. Splash your dog and let him chase you and jump on you with his muddy paws in the rain. After all, you’ll both need cleaning up and drying off anyway, and it’s only water.

Source by Lee Lister