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Health Benefits of Sensual Awareness

Yes, something as scrumptious as sensuality is extremely instrumental in improving health. Sensuality and the tantric arts are not just about burning calories trying new sex positions. Sensual awareness and the tantric arts positively affect health by greatly reducing stress, generating more physical and mental energy from within, and creating an easy and foolproof method of weight control. Sensuality and tantra involve daily practices in which attention is focused on passion, creativity, enjoyment, and sensual perception in order to become and remain deeply connected with life.

Stress Reduction

Paying close attention what you feel, see, hear, smell, and taste, creates a sweet respite from life’s discomforts and challenges and also allows you to come out of your head and observe your body and mind in an objective way. In a way, sensuality is expanded awareness of your breathing and energy movements. The body has various internal energies that work on their own to maintain homeostasis, or healthy equilibrium, that is your natural state. When your senses are alert, you are able to recognize the calm, awake, relaxation that occurs because you have stepped outside of your analytical mind. Many physiological changes take place as you focus on subtle sensorial pleasures. Breathing deepens and slows, blood pressure normalizes, oxygen is directed to areas of the body that need it, helping the body to repair itself, and preventing new damage due to the physical effects of stress.


Sensuality and tantric arts are both powerful methods that alter the chemistry of your body and brain to direct the body to a state of health and vitality. The brain and nervous system are transmitters and receptors of electromagnetic energy, similar to the earth’s poles. Like magnets, we can attract these energies into and within the body. The state of the mind has a direct effect of the body’s internal energy flow as well as the interaction between the internal and external energies. Sexual energy is the most concentrated form of human internal energy and tantric practice is used to consciously draw this higher energy into your body. The more sensitive you are to the energy movements, the easier it becomes to direct these energies to the body parts and organs where it is needed for strengthening or healing. Blockages of energy in tissues and organs create disease and degeneration. Once the energy flows are stabilized, the body operates more efficiently because energy is not wasted or stifled, and there is more available for exercise and everyday movement.

Weight Control

Preparing and enjoying food is a tantric art. When you bring consciousness to food and create a pleasurable ambiance, it is impossible to engorge yourself with unhealthy foods. Taking time to arrange the food attractively and receive the food with gratitude and full presence will not only make you take notice of what kinds of food you put into your mouth, but it also greatly extends the pleasure gained from eating smaller portion sizes and finding satisfaction with less. Essentially, mealtime can be an effective meditation. Taking your time and taking pleasure with the aromas, textures, and tastes of the food aids in easier digestion and allows the feeling of satisfaction and fullness to kick in before you have eaten too much. The food choices that you make as part of a mindful eating plan will gradually become healthier, fresher, with more emphasis on natural fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, seemingly with no effort at all. When you indulge in decadent foods in a mindful manner, you are allowed to enjoy the experience in moderation, without the guilt and without worry of gaining weight. Unhealthy cravings subside greatly. Eating as a tantric art is incredibly easy and leaves you more satisfied, with no complicated diet plans or restrictions.


There is no doubt that regular sensual awareness and tantric practices are absolutely the most pleasurable path to a healthy lifestyle. It is not too good to be true that you can release stress, maintain a healthy weight, and increase physical energy without a grueling, complicated regimen, and while having fun.

Source by Lisa Branscomb