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‘The Heart of the Soul – Emotional Awareness’ by Gary Zukav – Book Review

I had watched several of the Oprah Winfrey’s shows before but one of the breakthrough moments in my life happened as I watched Gary Zukav’s first appearance on the show. If I remember those times, which was a few years ago, I was glued to the television set during his subsequent appearances more than I ever was before. So it is not an exaggeration for me to say that his book, ‘The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness’ co-created with his partner, Linda Francis, turned out to be one of my sacred texts, but without the overload of loftiness that kept me away from them.

When I landed in the United States what kept me renewed were a couple of city libraries, equipped with internet access! With the user-friendly search methods to pick up favorite books to read, I began voraciously reading several spiritual and self-help books! Those were one of the best years of my life and it was not hard to pick up Zukav’s book from one of the libraries. I read slowly like I have done with other books in the field. Contemplating several times even on a little of what I read was a natural way of reading such works.

The more I read the book, the more I was inspired to experiment with the exercises suggested in it. When I began incorporating it into my everyday life, I saw myself aligning with some significant life changes, which I never thought was possible before. For example, there was a time when I decided to switch to a more vegetarian diet. I credit my ability to give up my habit of consuming white meat to the emotional balance that I gained by assimilating some of the exercises in this book. I found ‘The Heart of the Soul’ to be an excellent guide, that is ever waiting to help me ‘experiment with life’ in order to lead me into the depths of a heart-felt life.

If required, it could open the doors to eventually go back to one’s own religious scriptures and cultural traditions, if you had been intimidated by them before. Therefore it allows a deepening of experiences of one’s life in intimate ways. Readers of this book will learn as I did, that each one of us indeed have unique gifts that we are born with and that we would want to share it with the world, as we heal those parts of our personality that manifests as emotions, such as anger, work-a-holism and judging.

The author however, has always maintained that his works were not meant to help anyone as the professional therapists do. If you do need professional assistance, a book by another Oprah’s show guest, Dr.Phil McGraw, which is called, ‘Real Life: Preparing for the 7 Most Challenging Days of Your Life’ would be more appropriate. But otherwise, I would recommend Zukav’s works, particularly ‘The Heart of the Soul’, for people who want to delve into the depths of one’s being and uncover the natural well of power and joy that already lies within.

Source by Bhamini Gobiraj