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The Magic of Guarding Your Vibration


“There is nothing wrong with you that cannot be fixed by what is right with you.” – Michael Neill

To recognize your vibration as a precious treasure is merely to hint at its value and significance in your life. Even fame and fortune pale by comparison. Everything you experience comes to you in response to your vibration. To live the life you desire, it will serve you very well indeed to guard your vibration as your most prized possession.

Your vibration, which consists of your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings, is the state from which you attract people and circumstances into your life. A high vibration attracts what you DO want and a low vibration attracts what you DO NOT want.

As I’ve become ever more vigilant about guarding my vibration, I’ve noticed a tendency to activate past memories of sadness and disappointment. With awareness of this negative habit, I am now able to make a conscious choice to “not go there.” With this awareness, I can swiftly replace sad thoughts with joyful, empowering thoughts.

Here are some ways to guard YOUR precious vibration:

Be Conscious. To be a Conscious Creator, it follows that you must be fully conscious, which means no more sleepwalking through life. With consciousness and awareness, you create deliberately rather than by default. Manage your vibration with conscious awareness and BE the Deliberate Creator you truly are.

Think Good Thoughts. You have a choice in every moment what kinds of thoughts to think and you create your reality based on this moment-to-moment choice. Thinking good thoughts produces good feelings which attracts good stuff. Be the gatekeeper and refuse to allow negative thoughts to enter your kingdom.

Focus on Positive Aspects. Set your intention to focus on the positive aspects in everyone and everything. Focus on what you DO WANT, not on what you DON’T WANT. Focus on what feels good, not what feels bad. Focus on the abundance, not the scarcity. Continuously seek out the most positive aspects of your life and consciously direct your attention there.

Notice How You Feel. Remember to be extra vigilant about guarding your vibration when you’re hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (good advice from AA). Taking good care of your vibration is also the best thing you can do for your health. When you think Feel-Good thoughts, your body releases Feel-Good chemicals into your system.

Protecting your vibration is not a passive activity. It’s a proactive exercise to keep tuning and retuning your vibration to what FEELS GOOD. It’s a conscious commitment to keep focusing and refocusing on what you DO WANT.

When all is said and done, creating a wonderful life is simply a matter of choosing wonderful thoughts. As you guard your vibration by reaching for the best feeling thoughts you can find in each moment, you’re creating the wonderful life you desire and deserve – one thought at a time.




Source by Kate Corbin