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Weimaraner, The Silver Shadow


Weimaraner were breed to hunt large game and have tons of stamina and energy. This was developed specifically to allow them to run with a hunting party for days, never leaving the masters side. This is a very athletic dog that requires a great deal of exercise. This is not the dog for an apartment, nor a first-time dog owner. Despite the energy requirements of the Weimaraner, they are also, not a kennel dog. They prefer to live inside with the family. This breed will redesign your back yard in an effort to catch small critters, your cat, or just because it is bored. Barking may also be a sign of boredom and they have separation anxiety if they are left without human companionship for long periods of time. A large backyard with an escape proof fence is highly suggested. Weimaraner will dig under a fence, climb over the fence and find another way to escape due to the energy of the breed. They make great jogging, biking or hiking companions. Any running game, like fetch, Frisbee, or fly ball will help expend the energy of the breed.

The grey or silver coat of the Weimaraner leads to the nick name of silver shadow. This dog will shadow you everywhere you go and wants to be in nearly constant physical contact with you. Since they are 23 to 27 inches tall and weigh 55 to 80 pounds, you need to be prepared for this contact. Weimaraner are generally healthy dogs and typically live for 11 to 13 years. They do shed, but do not have a lot of “dog odor”, however; they like to roll in anything that smells! Because of the pendulous ears, they can develop ear infections. Checking the ears frequently, brushing the Weimaraner, and an occasional bath are all you need to do to take care of the dog. The breed is frequently seen in calendars and in various poses because they can almost have human expressions at times. This is a very intelligent breed that is also an independent thinker. This means that they may or may not follow the rules. Understand, they KNOW the rule, just choose to not follow it! This can be a real challenge for a first-time dog owner. It also helps if you have a sense of humor, because the Weimaraner, always ignores rules with style.

The main goal of the Weimaraner is to be with you and to touch you or to chase small game, children, bikes, etc. This is a breed that does not do well with cats and other furry pets. They are very loving and MEAN to follow the commands, but the instinct for hunting can be too great. Older children can be a great companion for a Weimaraner, but small children tend to get injured due to the energy level of the dog. This is not intentional by the animal; they just have to expend the energy. They also do not kennel. This dog must have human contact and be with the family, even indoors. Don’t be misled, it is a hunting dog, that lives indoors. Being away from family and not getting enough exercise will lead to the Weimaraner entertaining itself and you probably will not like the results.


Source by Doug Fabick