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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Malinoi


There are a ton of dog breeds which one can regard as as really good pets. They can simply be obtained for the satisfaction of companionship, or for doing tasks, such as a guard dog, a police dog or a hunting dog. However, owners will need to give an adequate amount of time for their training just so they could bring out those hidden talents. One of the most interesting breeds for pet owners is the Belgian Malinoi. It has turn into a rather well-liked choice lately, although one has to take into account various things prior to making the decision in acquiring one.

  1. Belgian Malonois are very good breeds, even though one has to remember the adjustment period that they will experience from the time they are puppies. There is a huge amount of adjustment to be expected, and this would play a major role on how their temperaments progress. One can basically relate their behavior to that of a human teenager, in a way that they could easily outgrow any conflicts so long as the owner practices a sufficient amount of attentiveness and determination. Yet, owners must understand that the period in which these dogs grow may turn out to be very challenging.
  2. Throughout the puppy phase, even a dog that is often instilled with good practices and correct training can show some amount of bad behavior, at the very least in the eyes of human beings. Malinois may be pretty restless and overly high-spirited to the point in which they would be barking nonstop and simply jump up on people they do not recognize. They can also growl and nip away at guests. As a whole, the Malinoi could be quite adversarial, though frequent training can bring about the adoption of positive qualities.
  3. Puppies belonging to the Malinois breed will surely be very active, and it will not die down when they develop into full fledged adults. Thus, utmost perseverance must be put into training the dog on how they could spend all of that leftover energy stuck within their frames without having to rely on damaging or highly confrontational behavior.
  4. Owners who have kids can expect a good relationship built with the Malinoi, especially if they grew up together. They can be very playful and also feel protective of the children, making them perfect family dogs.

These are very essential factors to consider when one is thinking about getting a Malinoi as a household pet.


Source by Bernard Yao